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I can't log in anymore...though I'd like to say 'Happy Christmas' to my peeps at the LS. I dunno, I have tried every method and it won't let me post. So I'll say it here. MWAH and all that stuff. Happy Holidays, mes amies!
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Is your cat plotting to kill you? 

Yikes! I iz scairt.

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As a religous watcher of 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' the spoof Ben Affleck did of him on SNL last weekend had me ROTFLAMO old school style. The best part is the 'special comment' at the end rant about his cat Mrs. Precious Perfect being the reason he was not allowed into an apartment. He had Olbermann spot on. There is even a Mitt Romney reference.

Mrs. Precious Perfect Rant:

The whole video:


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My flist might giggle at THIS in particular, but click up to the whole list. It's giving me the sillies. 

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Hows it going, girlz??? I finally made it to an Internet spot, and its so fun. They keyboard is a little nutty so bear with me.

The flight was fine, but I could not sleep. Im way out of it today, but trying to stay up a few more hours so I can sleep past 3 AM. 

I have aready met a few interesting people while traveling. Its fun. This city is amazing and beautiful. The people are friendly but suprisingly quiet. Maybe they save their roudiness for Oktoberfest.

Must go now...but Ill check in again soon. 
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Just a quick and uncharacteristically un-picture-filled post from Fillionare.
I’m headin’ out of town. Well, actually the COUNTRY! ‘Bout time I had a new adventure.
I will be in Germany for 6 day and Spain for 4 days. I will probably be internetting from time to time, as I’m traveling with my mom for the Germany portion, and she is an email junkie. When I have the chance, I’ll post a little report of fun.
All y’all that are going to bitchinpartyhave fun. Please give me a toast, you know I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could. I’ll be thinking of you whilst enjoying my giant beer in Munich.
Auf Wiedersehen y Adios!

Current Location: The office for like 4 more minutes.
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I have been so excited to finally play with y'all (wait, did that sound dirty?) I'm not a writer, so I cannot contribute in that way, but I was thrilled when the brilliant slidellra proposed  the DS/C6D Tag Game. Now was my chance to share something that I can make.

I was tagged by malnpudl at 5:38 p.m. on 3/16. Whew...just in time!

akamine_chan, you're it!

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This past weekend I finished out the series Wonderfalls, recommended to me by theamusedone, who guessed correctly that I would love it. 

In conclusion, I loved enough to buy the DVD set. It shall be added to my next Amazon order.

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Current Music: Air: Cherry Blossom Girl

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All y'all. I just had lunch next to freaking Harrison Ford. Yes, I did. Made eye contact and smiled and got a return smile 'n all. I am all freaking warm and fuzzy inside now. That could be the tequila though.

Strapping on some snowshoes now. Goin' to see a band up at the resort tonight too. 

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Current Music: Fort Minor: Where's you go?

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Thanks to whoever was so cool to send me a virtual valentine of my very own.  When I was notified of it this morning, I saw that a lot of my flist had gotten gifts, and assumed they were all the same. I started to look around, and saw that everyone's was personalized to their preferences. A little bit of romance that each one would appreciate. Someone out there knew that my slash tolorance is going in baby steps, and is currently limited to F/K. Thanks to you...and for making me feel part of the fangirl community. I feel all happy now. And kind of turned on!
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